membership drive

No I am not talking about a club where people cruise up and down Portage Ave on a Sunday, though lord knows that would be interesting. I am talking about the memberships to the Gas Station Theatre.

Remember last year when 700 people signed up for memberships to try and save the Gas Station Theatre from being sold? Remember how it was actually saved in the end? Remember how good everyone felt, and how they all patted themselves on the back? Well, it ain't over yet... Saving the theatre is an ongoing process, a never ending journey. You have to go to the theatre to save the theatre.

September 8th at the Gas Station Theatre there is going to be a huge event. Three shows throughout the evening, a patio and several hundred really cool folks to hang out with. The shows will be free to all those who buy a membership to the theatre (let's see if everyone was really serious about saving the place).

The show will include such players as:
Al Rae
Steve McIntyre
Ross McMillan
Greg McPherson
Fred Penner
Ruth Cansfield Dance
and more (oh so much more)

Come out, bring 5 friends and then bring 5 more.