Back in the Winnipeg groove...

Well, Toronto was wonderful and Winnipeg is winter now. How about that. Good thing i have plenty of things to keep me busy (and these are things that could fill some of your time as well).

thing number one:
The IF... Improv Festival
which is coming so soon i can almost taste the sweat of improvisers. And we will have several of them coming in to town. Improv from Atlanta, Portland, Spokane, Toronto, Regina, Edmonton and right here in Winnipegland.

thing number two:
The Comedy Bus show
This show is coming so soon that it is actually here already. The show is on Saturday night (oct 15th) at the Gas Station theatre. The show will feature some of the best in comedy that this fair city has to offer.

thing number three:
A short film being shot by David Evans. It features Mike Bell (of Royal Liechtenstein Theatre Company fame), Ernesto, Jeff Sinclair, Lee White and myself. Lee and I get to be cops (which is a type cast for us, we are always being offered the cop roles).

It just goes to show ya, when it comes to being busy, nothing beats "things".