POST 100

This is my 100th post on the internet web log thing-a-ma-thing.

It comes on the day after I missed a show due to illness. The show was the Comedy Bus show at the Gas Station Theatre on Oct 15th. It was supposed to be the first sketch show I had produced in years and a "vehicle" for Lee and I to do some sketches (as well as to work with some other comedy geniuses in the city). But in the grande comedy that is life, i get a slice of the flu (or food poisoning or something). The show went really well, so i hear, and all is good.

Now I must rest up for the draining effects of putting together the Winnipeg Improv Festival (IF... 2005) which will be running Oct 31 - Nov 5.

You all must go to it.

Thank you for reading my 100th post.