Laugh Riot 4

Laugh Riot is a comedy night that Mondragon aproached me to produce last winter. Mondragon is an anachist bookstore and coffeeshop. They serve very nice vegan stuffs. The comedy night had some success, being a free show made it easy. This year we are having the first one of the season (thursday november 24th at 9pm) and i am hoping that it is just as successful.

Yes, it is still free.

The line up will include:
Andre Clement as the gracious host (and excellent MC).
Stephen Sim as the almost a comic (and it is me, so of course i get the job).
Jeff Sinclair if his ankle isn't too swollen that he doesn't come out.
Janet Shum as one of the most interesting comics out there today.
Andrew (last name pending) as a brand new up and comer who kills (in the good comedy way).
Derek Kreoker of Drunken Finger and Steve Breadstone fame
Eton Harris as the Mondragon funny guy who has a story or two for you.
Ron Moore as Ron Moore, local comedy whore and mystifyer...

You are looking at about an hour of comedy, you are looking at sitting in a nice cozy cafe, sipping on wine, downing cold beer, snacking on snacky snacks and having a good time.