always with the more shows...

there is always a show on the horizon and always a show just under the surface. i am only sane when i have the next project within grasp (as i have mentioned before).

next shows:

This show is every Saturday at 10pm and only $4.99.
The show is our weekly jaunt into improv that will keep our muscles toned and our bones strong. Sometimes we will even have some guests, i promise.

CRUMBS Christmas Crusade of Comedy (not the official name)
Thursday, December 29th 2005
at the Gas Station Theatre
This show is the CRUMBS semi tradition. A show after X-mas and before New Year's Eve. The show could have some guests, could have some sketches and should have some improv. Maybe we will even have some music...

shows that just passed:

at Mondragon on Thursday, November 24th
The show was another success. We have booked the next one already for January 12th at Mondragon of course (91 Albert Street). Comedy and anarchists do mix?!?

The Jist (at Pulford)
The Friday Night Midnight shows at Pulford have troupes rotating through, performing awesome improv for Winnipeg. Last night The Jist performed. Now the troupe usually has Jeff, Jarrett (also known as Double Tease) and RobYn Slade performing. RobYn was in Toronto so she couldn't make it. Jeff had a hurt ankle and almost didn't make it (he missed the laugh riot 4 show because of it), and Jarrett is always there when you need him. Ron Moore and Stephen Sim (that's me) took on the job of replacing RobYn and i think we did an alright job. The show was small on crowd but big on laughs.

Keep checking out the shows folks, they aren't going away.