the pulford street improv palace

The Pulford Street Improv Palace is the new improv venue in town (that i have mentioned a number of times). It is inside a church, but the room isn't really churchy (whatever "churchy" means). The room has been painted all theatresque (with black) and a stage has been built. There also are lights in the room as well, to add to the theatre-like conditions. The seats are actually kind of comfy, the ceiling is quite high and the room is warm and receptive to awesome performances. It is situated at 109 Pulford (which is across the street from the Gas Station Theatre, in the church, in the side door and on the second floor).

Why am i once again going on and on about this space?

Because i think it is a great place to see and do a show. Because it needs asses in the seats. Because people need to know about it. Because i do shows there. Check it out.

Thank you...