I am a psychic...

So there have been some posts concerning our predictions (and how they suck). Well let me just first mention that last year i did successfully predict the pope's death (and I predicted this as a psychic and not a comedien). The Blue Bombers winning the Grey Cup was actually a prediction that was called into our radio show (by Satchel Paige).

Psychics (and prophets) have been persecuted and made fun of since the very first prophet predicted that people would make fun of predictions (thus establishing the very first self fufilling prophecy).

Comedians have, for years, been accused of either joking around to much when they should be serious or being too serious when they should be joking around (after all they are comedians).

This has got to stop!

Comedians can be taken seriously and have psychic abilities, real phychic abilities that come to them when they are dreaming (like dreaming of the future and having the Pope show up in his dreams and bug the hell outta him).