Predictions for 2006

So it is turning into somewhat of a tradition for CRUMBS to put out predictions for the coming year. Lee and I have done this one our radio show. (radio show on Mondays at Noon CST on 101.5 UMFM) This year is is going to be a good one folks.

Last year we successfully predicted the death of Pope John Paul II and ever since then, the world has been eagerly awaiting the CRUMBS forecast.

Dick Clark
Dick Cheney
Queen Elizabeth II (everyone will then hatee King Charles)
The Pope (again... we will go through a bunch of Popes over the next couple years)
Larry King (live on the air)
A very famous young man will die tragically (James Dean/River Pheonix)

The first (to be) famous person born in 2006 will be huge internet actor who will be the star of his/her very own iPod TV show.

The Winnipeg Jets will return to Winnipeg
The Winnipeg Blue Bombers will win the Grey Cup
The Canadian Election will be marred by contraversy
The Internet will crash
There will be a whole new musical revolution

More predictions to come as they become clearer...