i am still paying attention...

so yes i have been distracted by life outside the internet for quite awhile now. i will get to a computer and do what communication is necessary for sanity and then log off. well i have decided to give just a little attention to this here blog. here we go...

-germany is the same as ever (which is good)

-the shows have been going well (people are lauging in the right parts, and clapping lots when its over)

-we have spent time in the german countryside this year more then ususal, and its nice. very green and spring-like.

-we get to be at a premiere screening of a short film we shot out here two years ago. it was shot in mannheim and heidleburg with a filmaker named stefan and there are some players from Drama Light in the film (Drama Light is the famous improv group from heidleburg.

so far we have done:

-München (Munich)
-Arhöna (a natural horse riding ranch in the middle of Germany)
-Wien (Vienna)

and we now sit outside of Heidleburg, waiting for:


before we head back to Berlin and regroup a bit before launching off on another leg...

So okay, this blog entry was alittle clinical. In and then out with just the facts, but that is just how it has got to be right now. Perhaps something fun tomorrow (?).