edomton fringe festival


Winnipeg's CRUMBS are in the Edmonton Fringe Festival after a three year hiatus?

Yes the rumours are true. And after a quick two hour plane ride across the prairies, CRUMBS has indeed arrived in the city of plenty to quench their thrist for more of that thing called Fringe.

The plane ride did include a wonderful view of some truly impressive clouds. Even a seasoned flyer like myself will profess (and a sleeping Lee awakened by an old woman will have to agree) that these clouds were like snow covered mystical mountains in the sky... they were nice.

So I am now in the home of legendary Edmonton imporviser Mark Meer and his wife Belinda, staying in the basement with Legendary Atanltian Rene Dellefont. We are all just looking forward to our technical rehearsal tomorrow and the postering and advertising and the sacrificing of virgins that will follow in preperation for our openings at the "improv venue".

The first note of interest upon arrinving in Edmonton was the ready accessabilty of retail shopping. This is the per capital capital of shopping i think. There is a store... everywhere. i can't look down without being accosted by a sale or pizza slice.

Edmonton, I will sell you a show.

p.s. so here we have a post on the blog, for all of you out there checking up on me.