knee deep in edmonton...

It is pretty easy to be knee deep in Edmonton (especially during the fringe). Actually, it really is only knee deep in Strathcona (the area where the fringe actually takes place) I don't really venture to far from fringe central.

CRUMBS has done three shows now, and all of them have been nice. Nice crowd, nice flow and nice laughter in the right parts.

SHOW 1 - was the "sex" show (as our show is called "Sex, CRUMBS & Rock 'n Roll" there had better be some of those elements in the show). The suggestion was spurs and sperm and it was full of it.

SHOW 2 - was the kick as "Rock 'n Roll" show. The suggestion was clairvoyant and there was another suggestion as well... anyways, it ended up working out in the end.

SHOW 3 - was the "Lee is losing his voice" show, so he is resting it now, but the show started with his voice leaving. The suggestion was loose change (which of course became... the change is loose).

still 6 more shows to do.