Again CRUMBS has squashed the competition and drunk the juices of their opponents. Even though Theatresports matches are not their "cup of tea", the CRUMBS duo again takes the title and holds it up for the world to see. Want proof?

Let us look at the World Championship titles that have fallen into the hands of CRUMBS:

2003 - 2nd place - CRUMBS first ever Theatresports Tournament at Edmonton's Improvaganza.

2004 -1st place Champions of Everything - CRUMBS first title, again at Edmonton's Improvaganza.

2005 -1st place Champions of Awesome - First ever winners of Toronto's Catch23 Tournament of Wonders.

2006 -1st place World Cup Champions - CRUMBS member Stephen plays on Team Canada with Jacob Bannigan and Derek Flores in the FIFA sponsored World Cup of Improv in Germany. At 16 countries and shows throughout Germany, was the largest international improv tournament ever.

2007 - 1st place Champions of Massacre - CRUMBS wins the 20th annual Vancouver Theatresports Tournament.

Anyone who knows anything about Theatresports or other improv competitions knows that winning an international tournament is pretty much the pinnacle of any improvisational artist.

Thank you to all those who voted online and by fax and by text message and by carrier pigeon and by phone and by cheering and by bribing officials... We love you all,