Improvised voice

So I did this workshop for some School of Music students at the U of M. They are currently working on a project that has them doing a live dubbing of a Guy Maddin Short film (one of his homages to old silent films).

It was some good fun playing with those abstract tools again. We did a lot of looping and repetition, focusing on the images and mood rather than the story or narrative.

They have two performances of this "thing". One is at the School of Music building at the U of M on Wednesday, March 21st at noonish. The other performance is at Bread and Circuses on Thursday, March 29th (which is when CRUMBS is doing a show at the CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival, so go to the noon show on Wednesday).

The group also included some video manipulation as well as a piano player, a foley/soundtrack artist who plays found objects as instruments and a couple of guys with laptops manipulating the sounds through mics... pretty damn awesome.