Last legs of Winnipeg

Soon it is time to tour once again for the boys of CRUMBS.

It will start out with a small jaunt to Toronto. We will be doing a couple of shows there and some improv workshops, as well as visiting with some fellow improv folks we have not seen in a while. WE do a show at the famed Second City for a show on Friday the 13th (Ooo, scary stuff).

We then launch off over the pond for a European tour that will be the 7th notch on our belt. And we are travelling lighter than ever. Just the modern version of CRUMBS, the duo with the know how. Which means we don't have to carry any guitars around (it is nice to only carry what you need and not have to lug around the extra baggage).

I will try my darndest to update the blog here and let y'all know where and what is going on with life on the road (Dad, I am talking to you).

Here's hoping our tour is even better than the best it has ever been (if that isn't asking for to much?).