safe in berlin

for now...

We have arrived in Berlin and are quite happy to recover from the "JetLag". We had our fun in Toronto and made some new friends. We also did some kick-ass shows (i think we did, perhaps it is all some bizarre jet lag fueled hallucination?).

-Doing our show at the Second City and making people laugh.
-Doing the Micetro show in Toronto.
-Doing a workshop at the Bad Dog Theatre.
-Hanging with Becky and Aitor.
-Hanging with Grewg/Juice.
-The late night cool show with 10k 2 flight (and getting new sweaters).

-Losing a whole day because the miss reading of April 17th as Wednesday... This led to several F*** ups.
-Not getting to do the late night improv set at Second City and properly hang out with Scott and Al.
-Not getting to properly hang out with Sasha (aka Dj Hangman).
-Not getting to hang with Frank.

Overall though, Toronto is an okay town (though the weather was crap).

Now, we embark on leg 2 of the tour. This leg is the 7th conquest of Germany and other European countries. We meet later today to figure out our game plan but our first show is in Mannheim at the Tig7. This will be a great first show for us as this theatre has always given us good "vibes".

Keep tuning in and we will keep trying to update the site with words, photos and maybe even some video...