Upcoming CRUMBS show

So, CRUMBS keeps putting on shows. People still come out and enjoy the freestyled comedy. Theatres and bars don't ban them.

Next show:

Tue, Dec 18th at 9pm
The King's Head Pub (upstairs)

CRUMBS will make up the funny while DJ HUNNICUTT makes up the musical soundtrack while you make up the reasons to laugh. This will be the CRUMBS Xmas show extravaganza... there might even be snacks and drinks to be given away to lucky folks who venture out of their warm homes, into the cold outside world and then back into the warm bosom of the King's Head.

See you all there,

p.s. the show is free with your King's Head membership, which you all probably have now, and if not it is only $5 and lasts a lifetime.

p.p.s. the show will not be as creepy as the photos lead you to believe.