The Fringe Draw Happened!

The Fringe draw is always a good time (even if you lose).
Because of the drama. There would really be more events where they draw names out of a hat, or balls out of a bingo cage...

Though, truth be told, I am anti-lottery as a way of choosing the companies. It was Wes Borg who first tipped me to the idea that the old way of choosing the companies continues to be superior.

In the olden days, a fringe hopeful would wait in line (all night if they had to) for the first come first serve Fringe line up. This way, if you wanted to be in the fringe, you could out of sheer determination. Now, with the lottery, you can, on a whim, put in your bid and who knows, maybe get in. It is possible that there are more companies that enter that perhaps don't even care all that much.

Anyways, the drama of picking the names and the standings is still exciting...

This is what i remember:

Jeff Sinclair is in with Letter@Large
Outside Joke is in with del Campo productions
The probable Cast is in with the Big Stupid
ImproVision is in with "you know"
Leith Clark is in
Screwed and Clued is in

CRUMBS didn't enter in to the lottery because we plan on doing a BYOV at the King's Head (which should be pretty cool)

p.s. the Fringe theme this year is "Vegas" so whatever happens at the Fringe, stays at the Fringe!