So first,

There are people out there who have raised issues concerning the above picture that we have used for promotional material. The concern is mostly that people are really creeped out by it. It turns out people do not like the "fusing" of Lee's face and Steve's face in a sort of subatomic melange of both of Steve's and Lee's funniest facial features.

Then second,

CRUMBS is performing next at the King's Head Pub on January 22nd. This show will be a part of the weekly comedy shows that are happening as part of the "Half Pints Happy Hour". The show will feature the freestyle comedy duo of Steve and Lee doing the Lee and Steve thing. The show will also feature the dj stylings of DJ HUNNICUTT (hopefully he can actually be onstage). The show is free and will begin at 9pm. It will also be funny.

And finally,

We would like to apologize for anyone who was scarred by the above picture, we are deeply and truly sorry. We just thought that it would be neat to see what a face would look like with both of us stuck together. Obviously, it was too much for some weak stomachs out there. We are arranging for a hypnotist to be present at the show on January 22nd to mentally erase any images that have harmed anyone's psyche.

Thank you,