Crumbs in Catch 23

Well, CRUMBs have been having some fun in Toronto yet again. And after a couple nights of playing some make'em up skits we are moving on to the FINALS. It turns out that The General Fools and the Calgary team threw the match so we could move on (we got the pity spot) so now it is time to up our game for the FINALS (like i said).

The finals are held on Saturday night at 1087 Queen St W

CRUMBS will also be having fun on Sunday night at Clinton's for the Ghost Jail show. And then the next night (which is Monday for all you people "lost in the week") we will be returning to the Clinton's for the audience appreciation show at Clinton's (this means the show is free).

This is our last little kicks at the can here in Toronto before we go rocketing across the Atlantic. We then start right into our European tour by performing in the Berlin International Improv Festival.

keep on keepin' on,