CRUMBS at Catch23 TOW 2008

Well well

Fun times again had in Toronto with all the great people at Catch23. TOW means Tournament of Wonders and this week has been full of as much wonder as a Triceracorn could offer.

Their website is here to understand the ins and outs of this improv format.

An article written about it is here.

We showed up at their first ever TOW in 2005 and we walked away with the severed head of a unicorn after battling it out with team Calgary, team Vancouver and many more foes.

Fast forward to now and we have again reclaimed what was always ours... the stuffed head of a unicorn mounted to cardboard. That and the World Champion status.

Thank you to all the greatness of Catch 23 for making us who we are.

Two more shows to check out:

Sunday night at Clinton's (8pm) Ghost Jail Theatre


Monday night at Clinton's (9pm) Catch 23 Audience Appreciation Show! (

photo credits:
all shows performed at The Theatre Centre at 1087 Queen St W
all shows as part of the 2008 Tournament of Wonders