CRUMBS on tour 2008

Oh Toronto,

You are so cold and grey, well, at least you were while i was there. CRUMBS had a stay that did not mirror the weather though. We had a great time performing with the local geniuses and the visiting players. Yes, we again took home the Catch 23 World Championships, but more importantly we have again cracked the hard to form smile on the stone face of Toronto in general. We leave the big smoke (link big smoke nickname) with another feather in our cap and some more wind beneath our sails... dirty Toronto wind. Now it is time for Catch 23 to continue bringing the awesome to Toronto every week.

Now it is time to throw our attention towards the European shores. CRUMBS again hops over the pond and lands with both feet ready in the city of Berlin (link berlin). We are there for the Berlin International Improv Festival (link biif) which is one of the biggest improv festivals in the world. We will be doing improv shows with some pretty awesome players and for some of the very best audiences in the world... that's right, the Berlin audiences are amazing.

First we do shows in Berlin, then we shift into European touring mode... road mode.

this is where i would link all of our shows in europe, but the link that i had seems to be missing our shows now... (this is the best link i can find) i will update when a better link shows up. till then we are performing at the Berlin International Improv Festival.

Be on the look out for further transmitted updates...