The Lube 2008

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubjana (or "The Lube" as Crumbs so affectionately calls it) is a nice little town nestled safely in the middle of Slovenia. It has that mediterennean feel to it (whatever that means) while have less of the machismo (and we all know what that means). Being part of the former Yugoslavian empire (or state or whatever) had its impact of course. But we feel it most with there humour. First, as the country fought with its own identity and the collapse of communism, it was reflected in "transitional humour" and then later with "post transitional humour" as the population needed to deal with these massive changes on a sub-conscious level. It is quite hard for anyone else to understand the humour and jokes of these periods, as most would not even recognize them as jokes or even funny, labeling them "weird". But holy jeez, the Lube is beautiful and the people there that we hang out with are among the nicest and most interesting people around. If you ever get a chance to check out Theatre Narobov and their "post-transitional humour" do it, and then do it again.