Oops, I haven't been blogging

Well, not that it matters that much, but I haven't been here in awhile. As soon as the return from tour happens, things stop on the internet for me. So I guess I do need to add some updates of how things ended in Europe (they ended well).

And now CRUMBS are in Edmonton doing the Improvaganza (the international improv festival here) with some awesome awesome folks (check the link if you don't believe me).

As well, CRUMBS is looking forward to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival for the fun times and improv shows. CRUMBS will be performing at the King's Head Pub every night of the Fringe. The Big Stupid Improv Show will be at Venue #2 MTC Up The Alley. Scratch (from Edmonton) will be at Ragpickers. Outside Joke (with their first Fringe) will be performing their brand newish improvised musical and Letters@Large will be performing his now international show... Will the Fringe this year be the best ever? (yes)

As well again, CRUMBS have just released their new series of buttons (which just sounds cooler than it really is, but is still cool).

Alright, alright, that is enough bloggerific details for now