CRUMBS and the Fringe

So the Fringe is here in Winnipeg and is in full swing.
Big Stupid Improv Show has already been reviewed in the Winnipeg Free Press. They gave it 3 stars but said they liked it (they came to the opening show, which was alright but was not as good as the Saturday afternoon show). The CRUMBS show has opened and the the first show was alright but wasnot as good as the show last night (Friday night).

The heat, the posters, the hand bills, the jenny, the beer tent, the King's Head, the traffic, the crazy people, the outdoor stage, the shows, the shows, the shows...

It is all very overwhelming, in fact, I would even say that it is overoverwhelming. I have not yet even seen a show (but I have done 5). I sure hope that I start seeing some shows so that I don't wake up right after the the Fringe is over and regret missing all the coolness.

p.s. hey look, I updated the blog