CRUMBS sells out

So we named the show "CRUMBS sells out" which I hope doesn't lead people to believe that the show is sold out already. There are still tickets available.

The CRUMBS show this year is going to be great (and hopefully we sell out). We are at the King's Head (which is where you are probably going to be anyways). As usual, we will be supported by the "Master of Soundtrack" Dj Hunnicutt. As usual, we will be making up the funny from scratch (not the groupd "scratch" who are from Edmonton and will be performing at Ragpicker's). As usual, we will be having some fun.

Here are the show times and days:

Thu, July 17 11:15 PM
Fri, July 18 11:15 PM
Sat, July 19 10:30 PM
Sun, July 20 10:30 PM
Mon, July 21 11:15 PM
Tue, July 22 11:15 PM
Wed, July 23 11:15 PM
Thu, July 24 9:30 PM
Fri, July 25 9:30 PM
Sat, July 26 8:45 PM

Be on the look out for brand new CRUMBS buttons and T-Shirts.