CRUMBS in Goettingen

We were whisked away to Goettingen after the Festival in Berlin. We had been to Goettingen a number of times before, you may have remembered the blog entry last year about Lars and his one on one battle with a trampoline? Well, Lars (or "The Coach" as we have called him for several years now) is up on his feet and walking you will be pleased to know.

The shows or show we did in Goettingen was either plural or singular depending on your perspective, allow me to explain. In Goettingen they have always done shows back to back in this very nice theatre that used to be an old kino (movie theatre) in fact, it still might be. Now it is a famous theatre called the Lumiere. There is a backstage room where we hang out and there is a stage where we do the show (no kidding Steve). So, the first show begins at 8pm and we have an intermission and then do the second set. We have a 10 or 15 minute break before the second show, which actually just seems like another intermission, so really to us, it isn't a second show but a 3rd set. And the 3rd set lasts 90 minutes, and then we do an encore. So really, the show in Goettingen is 3.5 - 4 hours long? Plus, when we do the encore, we revisit scenes and characters from the show. While doing the encore, we all could not really remember what parts were in what set, so we end up mashing up all the bits from all three sets. Luckily, there were a lot of people that ended up buying tickets to both shows, so they saw all three sets and enjoyed it on all levels.

Oh Goettingen...

Next stop: Paderborn, what? Paderborn? Where is Paderborn?