CRUMBS in Paderborn

So Paderborn, we do a show in Paderborn for the first time. It is a small little place in the German countryside. Legend has it that the Pope or the Bishop or some religious guy back in the olden days was walking from Rome following a Peacock, and he had a whole gaggle of followers behind him. They were looking for a... well, I don't really know what they were looking for, what do you look for when you follow a peacock? Anyways, legend has it that the peacock died where modern Paderborn is and they decided to found a town there, and that is why Paderborn is where it is. Weird story huh?

The other thing about Paderborn is we do a show in this really nice theatre. Three things about the theatre:

1) It is located above a bank, so you walk upstairs from the bank to get to it, strange.

2) It seats over 200 people and the law in Germany dictates that if the audience is over 99 legally there needs to be fire marshals present at the performance (any performance). So we did the show with a couple of guys in uniform in the wings. They seemed to enjoy themselves, and, no fire.

3) We played on a stage that had a big weird white set that would rotate. It was a couch, two chairs, a table, a scooter and a bathtub all on a big white blog of something. It was cool to have this strange thing to play with. (see attached picture).

The other picture attached is me (Steve) with Urban's mom and the big outdoor train set in the backyard where he grew up. Urban is an improv player who now lives in Berlin and works with Paternoster. The train set was pretty cool, though i did not see it running. CRUMBS played the show in Paderborn with Urban, Doerthe and Anya. The show was really nice.

Next stop Leipzig.