CRUMBS in Graz

Theatre In Bahnhoff are so good, have I mentioned that before? They are a group based out of Graz, Austria who do great improv shows as well as very interesting theatre. I guess you could call the theatre they do "experimental". Anyways, we go to Graz every year and do a show as part of the "Montag" shows, which is their weekly improv show. This year we did the show with Jacob Banigan (an old friend who used to be the Artistic Director of Edmonton's famous "Rapid Fire Theatre").

The show explored (isn't it funny to describe an improv show as "exploring"?) someone who had an extra toe and whether or not to get it removed. Whether your body, in its infinite wisdom, knew that it needed that extra toe for some reason. In the show it turned out that the person who gave us the suggestion of "extra toe" actually has an extra toe. Not only that, but she also went through the same pains of trying to decide wether she should have it removed or not... Once again, art imitates life.

I should mention that Lee rates Graz as his favourite city in the world. He has always claimed this and puts no other city above Graz. Even if there are those in the audience who try and claim (falsely) that Lee and CRUMBS have said this about other cities (like Munich? as if...) we stand behind Lee's claim. For the record Stephen Sim does not play favourites and refuses to name his favourite city... more on that later.

Next stop: Zurich