CRUMBS in Zurich/Baden

Played The Director's Cut with Shawn Kinley (from Loose Moose) and Nadine (from Wurzburg's famous Kaktussen). The story I directed in the mystery of the photo and the murder, it was a mystery story that wouldn't end up on any bestsellers lists. But hey, that is what happens sometimes in the director's cut... the ending just doesn't really feel like an ending.

Played again at the Ventil, a cool club/venue in Baden, go to the Ventil, it is cool there.
The show? A vampire who is bored being a vampire and wants to stop, Chris Angel (mindfreak) helps him escape the shackles of immortality, the secret is to have a vampire who loves him bite him.
The other story involved a young couple getting married, she wants a big wedding, he has lost his job... problem. solution? he almost leaves her because he is so stressed out, but they end up eloping together in Las Vegas... married by Elvis.

It is always wonderful to be in Zurich/Baden (I would even admit that it is one of my favourite places, and I am not supposed to pick favourites). So thank you Improvenus for making me break my own rules...