CRUMBS in Wurzburg

Wurzburg is a city in Germany that nobody really knows, it isn't famous like Berlin or Hamburg or Frankfurt or Munich. But let me tell you, it is cool. It was massively bombed (during World War II dummy) and it is home to sooooo many German police (I think that they train cops here). Wurzburg is also home to the Cairo, which is a cool culture centre type thing. They have a couple of theatres and put on cool theatre shows and music shows and stuff like that. Wurzburg is also home to Die Kaktussen, an improv group, and run a festival every year in October. We like wurzburg.

We have been to Wurzburg many times and we (like mentioned above) like it. We did the show in the courtyard of the Cairo, which is completely cool (have I used the word cool too many times? if so, cool). The outdoor stage at the Cairo is a great place to rock a show, it looks great and many people end up showing up (over 200 souls). The show we did also did in fact rock.

p.s. I must at this moment tell all you readers that I am in fact in Regina right now doing a festival there. I am so behind on my blog posts (which I know must completely annoy all of those who are really expecting these updates to be up to date). I promise to try and catch myself up, but I must tell you that this blog isn't my #1 priority, it falls somewhere after breathing, eating, sleeping and everything else...