Live Shows In Winnipeg

The Comedy scene in Winnipeg is something that has grown up quite a bit lately. There are now numerous venues and several regular "comedy" and "improv" nights. Why is this happening? I don't know, but I am glad that there are so many stages to keep this thing growing. I do hope that audiences don't become bored with this sudden burst of comedic energy and I do hope that the comedy audience is not worn thin by all this. The advantages of this boom is that there is more stage time and more live audiences to hone razor sharp wit, the downside is that there is perhaps a lot of crap that will make its way onto the stage and this might make audiences think twice about coming to yet another comedy night.

Here they are:


1) Winnipeg's best Open Mic Stand-up night at the Cavern. The Cavern is in the basement of the Toad on Osborne. An open mic is where anyone can sign up to do their comedy time. This is the best stage to cut your teeth, gain some stage time and get noticed to do other comedy nights. This show is hosted by one of the hardest working stand-ups in Winnipeg... Mr John B Duff (don't get his name wrong). So get there by 9pm to sign up, the show starts at 9:45 and lasts until the bar closes and they kick everybody out.

2) Improv at either the Exchange Community Church (on Albert street) or J. Fox's (on Academy). This show is mostly improv but does include some other comedy forms. It is produced by the Micro Theatre Company (Winnipeg's youngest improv production company).

Both these shows are free!


1) Every Monday starting Jan 11th there is a live improvised soap opera at the Park Theatre (in South Osborne). This show is called Soap Scum and is in its 4th season and is cast by awesome players f the local dinner theatre scene (dinner theatre scenes exist? yes they do). The show starts at 8pm and is only $5.

2) Sometimes there is a special free improv show at the Colin Jackson Studio at PTE. PTE is on the 3rd floor of Portage Place mall and features an improv show put on by the resident improv company. The PTE Improv Company is in its 3rd year of making things up and this year they are called SMIRK!


1) Free Laughs very single Tuesday there is a show that happens at the King's Head Pub. This show just happens to be the hottest of the regular comedy nights in the city and may have been the catalyst that started this whole explosion. It is called Free Laughs and at 9pm you can bet that all the city's most hilarious will be there. The show rotates between CRUMBS, Comedy Loser, ShitZ N GiggleZ, Outside Joke, and Cage Match. Let me just explain some of this for you...

CRUMBS is a longform duo (and if you are reading this blog type thingy, you are no doubt familiar). They perform an improv show with Dj Hunnicutt and sometimes some very special guests.

Comedy Loser:
This show is hosted by Ryan McMahon and is a comedy show that features solo work and no stand-up. So it is comedy monologues, characters, videos, music and everything else funny.

ShitZ N GiggleZ:
John B Duff hosts this show (remember him from the Cavern and the fact you shouldn't get his name wrong) and it is a stand-up show. This show gets so packed that we have to tell people in the back to shut up... oh yeah, it is also hilarious.

Outside Joke:

This improv company takes over where CRUMBS leaves off. They sometimes do improv songs but they always do awesome.

Cage Match:
This is an improv show battle that pits troupe versus troupe to the death... and what a hilarious death it is indeed (and i will now try and refrain from using the word hilarious).


1) The New Comedy Projekt hosted by Scott Porteous at the Green Brier Inn. I don't really know much about this show, but


1) The Comedy Blow-Out hosted by Dave Shorr is every second Thursday at the Standard (which is on Sherbrook where the old Hooligan's used to be). It is Stand-up and it is a fun little room.


I don't know if anything happens here? Let me know.


I don't know if anything happens here? Let me know.

And yes, let me know if there are any new things to add or any corrections i need to make to these listings.