CRUMBS and stuffs

Hello internet,

CRUMBS remains a busy entity of shows and stuffs. So to keep you up to date with the comings and goings... here you go.

1) CRUMBS show at noonish at the U of W with Mama Cuttsworth spinning the musical masterpiece. This show is Thursday Jan 21st (so it is destined to be information that is already obsolete by the time you read this).

2) CRUMBS appearance on Jan 29th at Aqua Books. Now I say appearance because we are appearing on the "Kelly Hughes Live" talk show as a guest.

3) CRUMBS show at the King's Head on Tuesday Feb 2nd as a part of the ongoing Free Laughs Comedy Series. This show will be the raddest! But you already know to show up every single Tuesday anyways.

4) CRUMBS show at Degree's Diner on the U of M campus. Yes we are going crazy doing shows at the universities... we just have to get a gig at Red River College for the hat trick. This show is at 8pm and is going to be Thursday Feb 4th. This show is in support of 101.5 UMFM

5) Speaking of 101.5 UMFM, CRUMBS continues to broadcast a live radio show every single Monday at 5pm CST. We have also started to podcast our shows... so check'em out yo!

6) CRUMBS will again be heading off to war... I mean heading off for another European tour. If you are over "there" you should "check" it all out. Look for info HERE. Also be looking out for details about the CRUMBS Berlin or Bust fundraiser... always a good time.

7) CRUMBS is also pleased to be knee deep in putting together the Winnipeg iF... Improv Festival 2010. The festival runs Feb 15th - 20th and will feature shows, shows and more shows!

here are some details:

Monday Feb 15th at the Park Theatre
Soap Scum presents a live improvised soap opera
8pm $5
Tuesday Feb 16th at the King's Head Pub
Free Laughs presents the Improv Festival Jam Platter
9pm and free

Thursday Feb 18th at the Gas Station Theatre
The Advanced Dungeons & Dragons live improv serial
8pm $10

Friday Feb 19th at the Gas Station Theatre
The Improv Festival Mainstage Show
8pm $10

Saturday Feb 20th at the Gas Station Theatre
The Improv Festival Mainstage Show
8pm $10

For more information and tickets call 284-9477