The iF... Improv Festival is almost here

So, because the improv festival is almost here in Winnipeg, and because I am so excited about it, I will tell you a bit about it.

First of all, the official iF... Improv Festival site is here.

Secondly, what festival is a festival without special out of town guests. So here we go.

Fraz Weist:
He has improvised all over and he has broken hearts in all of those places. Why has he broken hearts? Because he never stays in one city long. He has performed in PROJECTproject, Ghost Jail Theatre, The General Fools and the Big Stupid Improv Show.
Check out the IMP of Fraz

Bob Banks:
He is a former Winnipegger who moved to Toronto and now is coming home. He moved to Toronto to follow his improv dreams and instantly started working with the Impatients, PROJECTproject, Big in Japan and PB&J.
Check out the IMP of Bob Banks

Sean Tabares:
This Toronto improviser is a core member of PROJECTproject and has worked with practically every improv group in Toronto. He has also created an improv show inspired by the pending zombie invasion called "Turned". He will be here to premiere this show in Winnipeg, we are lucky to have this... but beware.
Check out a video featuring of Sean Tabares

Mike Robertson:
Mike is an improviser and filmmaker. He has been working with with Rapid Fire theatre for years. Rapid Fire Theatre is a legendary Canadian improv company which has been producing improv shows for longer than most people have even heard of improv. He has also been making films with the Production company Highwire Films.
Check out the Highwire Films Youtube channel

Other people in the Festival?

Stephen Sim (the Artistic Director and member of CRUMBS)

Lee White (member of CRUMBS)

RobYn Slade (member of Outside Joke)

What shows are people going to check out?
Well, all of them right... but let me sell you on a couple.

The Thursday show is the cult classic D&D the improv show. This show is gonna be stuffed full of audience members dressed like wizards and goblins. If you don't have a chain mail shirt to wear, don't worry, the show will bring you into their world.

The Friday show is going to be a gourmet show of improv. We are going to get the ingredients from the audience and then prepare a full meal of funny and drama. It will be like going to a fancy restaurant and watching Iron Chef all at the same time.

The Saturday show will have a live improvised movie and a live zombie show! What? How does somebody do a live improvised movie... wait, did you say zombies? Yes folks, there is a way to do a live improvised movie and all the way from Toronto we are presenting the Winnipeg premiere of "Turned" the zombie themed improv show.

So, I think you can agree that coming to these shows will be necessary.