CRUMBS Euro Touro (the flight)

CRUMBS euro touro 2010

The plane ride over was of course really a couple plane rides, someday it would be nice to charter our own plane directly from Winnipeg to Berlin with first class seating and beds and entertainment, but until that day comes we have to deal with all the annoyances that everyone else has to deal with. Security was silly enough to let us through and after the obligatory stand in line, we were off.


-Randomly running into Jacob Banigan and his son Sam at the Toronto airport
-getting to watch “Up in the Air” on the plane (although they need to work out a system where they only give you the option to watch movies that will end before you land)
-the plane not crashing (the picture is not from our flight or anything we saw)


-not getting to sleep
-the loud and selfish asshole ahead of us on the transatlantic flight who insisted on complaining that he was hungry while everyone was trying to sleep.
-not enough in flight movie options and no power for the laptops (what is up Luftansa)

We arrived in Frankfurt and were greeted by Nadine at the airport. We got into her car and had a road trip to Wurzburg, the sun was shining and we barreled down the autobahn blaring Chilliwack and April Wine. A nice beginning to what will no doubt be an amazing tour once again. The road trip we took sounded like this and this. Enjoy

But first, we must battle the Jet Lag!

Notes about Jet Lag:
-NASA claims that Jet Lag takes one full day for every time zone traveled
-Sun light is the most critical element to defeat your Jet Lag foe (getting sunlight that is)
-stay up the first day no matter how much the demons tempt you to bed
-punch Jet Lag right in the throat!

Next stop: Wurzburg