CRUMBS Euro Touro 2010

So the CRUMBS show at the King's Head rocked hard... if you were there then you understand all the inside jokes people will be dropping for the months we are gone, if you missed it you missed out.

We are doing a tour though, so you could jump on a plane and get your ass to Europe... or maybe you are lucky enough to already live in Europe.

Our first couple shows are in Germany, which should really just be called Deutschland. We perform in:

Wurzburg on March 10th
Baden Switzerland at the Ventil on March 13th
March 17th in Kloten
March 18th in Freiburg
March 20th and 21st in K-Town (also known as Konstanz or sometimes Konstanztanople)
We go to Oslo, Norway for a show on March 23rd

Then We jet back to Berlin to do the Berlin Improv Festival (this improv festival in Berlin does in fact rule!). After the Berlin festival our tour continues, but perhaps you want to check back here for updates, reports and future dates of CRUMBS.

If you want to check a link that gives you our whole tour just check this one out...
Here are the dates of the Euro Touro 2010

See y'all on the tour or right here on the internet!