CRUMBS in Oslo, Norway

CRUMBS has never been to Oslo. CRUMBS has never been to Norway. Last year was the first time our show was in Scandinavia (in Stockholm, Sweden) so this will be number two for us.

We arrived in Oslo at night and it was raining, but we didn't give up on Oslo quite yet. We get taken to our “hotel” which is a “floating hotel” which is a boat.

We are close to the train station and right in the heart of Oslo so it is easy to get around. The boat is cool except for the fact that they seem to be constructing the loudest thing possible right outside out boat window. I can usually sleep through anything, so simply go from “sleeping” into “just resting”. We must now muster all our energy for the show. We aren't about to give up on Oslo yet...

First of all, Norwegians totally think Canadians bleed Maple Syrup and totally made a bunch of maple syrup jokes in the show. Then the next day I found this.

So suck it! (maple syrup I mean)

The show... was great. The Norwegians are fun to play with and we again play “The Director's Cut” which worked so well in K-Town. I don't need to explain how the form works (because I have explained it already) but here is the breakdown of what happened.

The Stories:

#1- Two mounties (one veteran and one rookie) investigating the moose gang robbery of maple syrup. (This story was just riddled with factual Canadian facts)

#2- A classic Henrik Ibsen drama about a poor rich girl, her mean father, her dying mother and the poor servant boy she loved.

#3- A husband and wife, wife is dying of a disease, husband is a jerk, turns out wife was lying about disease, doctor shows up and it turns out she really has a disease, doctor falls in love with the wife, she needs a new heart... what will happen?

#4- Set in 1777, a dual at sunrise between two best friends, what went wrong between them?

#5- Space is always a nice place to set your story right? A captain (boss) and a first mate (named space) discover a planet and must overcome their own differences to defeat the aliens... classic and silly.

The next day CRUMBS explored Oslo, walking around aimlessly and sometimes with aim. We found the Edvard Munch (LINK NEWS ABOUT SCREAM STOLEN) museum and wondered around there until we realized that “The Scream” wasn't even there (though there was a sketch of it there). We also ate food. I was hoping to perhaps partake in the famous Norwegian rotten fish (link to fish preserved in lye) but it turns out it is harder to find than I realized, if I was here during X-mas it would have been easy I am told.

Next Stop: The Berlin International Impro Festival 2010

but wait, there's more....

There is a huge train crash right by where our boat is anchored. For some reason a bunch of empty train cars without a locomotive start to move down a hill. There is nobody on board and no brakes. The train cars end up smashing into a building and crashing into the sea. Some people died in the crash and it even ran into a boat. Not our boat, in fact we might have slept right through the noise, assuming it was the construction that has been going on constructing right outside our boat window.

We wake up in the early morning to take the train from the train station to the airport to take our plane to Berlin. Everything is fine, the train is delayed and even stops about halfway there on the tracks because of some problem they don't know. The train gets going again and we make it to the airport at around the time we should, not too tight. The electronic check-in won't recognize our printed out tickets so we are sent down a different line. When we get to the check-in human she is puzzled that her computer won't recognize our tickets either.

“Oh, I see the problem” she says reassuringly “You are at the wrong airport. You want to go to the other airport, it is about an hour and a half away.”

So it turns out we have minutes to change our flight, luckily the line up to this human was almost non existing. The problem is the flight would cost us almost 1000 Euros. She also says that it is to late to check out luggage and would have to see if we would be allowed to get our obviously not carry-on luggage onto the plane. She said that if it didn't work she would refund the cost of the tickets. There was another flight the next day we could by for just over 600 Euro, and even though she mentioned the bonus of being able to check in our luggage, we thought we could do better.

Time for a phone call to HQ and get Marie on the case. Within minute she has us a flight out of the correct airport (whatever airport you are in is always considered the correct airport) in a couple hours and cheaper than what was offered us. So after a couple hours spent eating pizza and relaxing, we get on board our much nicer flight and start the trek to Berlin.

Oh Oslo... Oh Berlin...