CRUMBS on video

Okay, so I am jumping back and forth anyways, so why not post a video of CRUMBS doing a little performance. This clip was taken at the Berlin English Theatre as part of the 2010 Berlin International Impro Festival. I filmed it on my laptop, cut it up on my laptop and then uploaded it from my laptop... is there anything my laptop cannot do?

So perhaps after this, the next posts will then resume the order of our tour.

Next post is Oslo, Norway

Next shows:

07.04.10 Mansbach, Arhoena

09.04.10 Leipzig, naTo

15.04.10 Mannheim, TiG7

16.04.10 Heidelberg, DAI

17.04.10 Mannheim, TiG7

18.04.10 Mannheim, Alte Feuerwache

19.04.10 Munich, theatre... und so fort