CRUMBS in Graz

CRUMBS in Graz, Austria. We get to visit Jacob and Lili but no Trixi... So Hooray! Hooray! and Boo!

It is inspiring to be in Graz too. TiB are an inspiring bunch of people. Their current project is of course Top Secret but I can say this, it involves the audience wearing headphones and walking around a mall... doesn't it just get your imagination running wild?

The first half of the show was a CRUMBS show, it consisted of:

-Two drug store workers who hate everything.

-Two museum guards who are bored with everything. they are guarding Children's Museum of kids throughout the ages.

-One drug store guy meets a woman and falls in love (of course right?) She teaches him to eat ice cream.

-There might have been mention of the dangers of tampons.

-The guards catch a thief but then let him go. He was trying to steal a painting of his father, when his father was a child obviously. One of the guards paints a forgery and they open their own museum together.

The second half of the show was a mixed show with TiB. It was a film noir style destruction of the main character. The show also had really nice use of lights. We had some lamps onstage that we could manipulate to create some of the shadow and dark look that the films of the era had. It was very fun to play. Here is the second half in a nutshell.

-Engineering professor working on a way to make quiet scooters
-Professor gets wrapped up in some seedy dirty deals
-He then kills some people, all for a lady (the femme fatale)

Some of the lines uttered in the show could potentially be made into songs by a band named The Base.
Join their Facebook page here.
Check out their Myspace page (their cover of "Eye of the Tiger" will make you melt)

Here are the lines that might become songs:
“say goodbye to scooterboy”
“it smells like there was a party here last night and it lasted forever”

next stop: Wuerzburg (the sequel)