CRUMBS in Wuerzburg

Wuerzburg is a pretty little town. It translates directly into spice town, but jeez, it isn't really that spicy.

This is our second stop on this tour in this nice little town. It has a strong art scene, music scene improv scene. Mostly because of the Cairo, which is a cultural organization run by some pretty awesome folks. This makes for a strong community of artists that help each other out and support each others events and each others work (from what i can see anyways). This is inspiring.

Our show was supposed to be an open air show in the courtyard (like we have done the past few years to a crowd of 300) but it was rained out, so we packed half that number into the theatre that really comfortably seats 100... it was pretty cool. (i have used the word pretty some many times in this post already, you must be pretty sick of that already, that and all the use of brackets).

The CRUMBS mixed show with Die Kaktussen:

Driving Miss Daisy remounted

A mother who has to give up her first born to her evil boss Mr Frankentsein

A pretty girl who pits two best friends against each other... they chose each other in the end.

A thai women learns to start her own business rather than be controlled by her rice inspector husband (based on a true story)

The 2nd half centred around one story. A story about a Queendom threatened by a dragon. The greatest warrior was defeated and the only hope was, according to the prophecy, a small boy. The small boy left his family farm to follow his heart. He eventually used the power of language to convince the dragon to follow his own heart. Th dragon then transformed back into the lost king and all was good.

Awe, fairy tales huh?