CRUMBS in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Oh Amsterdam, for some people you are like a theme park of party that has gone on to long. When will it end Amsterdam? When will you again just be a city?

Oh yeah, we also did a show...

Part 1 the mixed show:

We played a free Harold mixed show. The theme was chair, you know, chairs, good for sitting on. We had scenes about a husband living in a bubble and the wife that wanted him dead. We had the story of the man who wished he lived in a bubble, because of his girlfriend always wanting to touch him and maybe even have the sex (he was desperately afraid of any human contact). We saw a failed and then successful chair maker whose chairs went from costing two thousand euros a piece (already expensive) to twenty thousand euros a piece (perhaps these were Booker chairs? * see post in Luzern). We also got a peak inside a lab that would do testing on humans that always seemed to end in tragedy (don't they always?). The human “guinea pigs” would eventually have to be disposed of by being incinerated. Eventually the husband escaped from the bubble and lived happily with his wife. The other guy took over the bubble, finally being inside a bubble made him feel safe enough to actually allow his girlfriend to touch him... she liked that. The end... of part 1.

Part 2 CRUMBS show:

A very nice CRUMBS show, perhaps the best we have done in Amsterdam. But who knows, we have done a show in Amsterdam that involved 52 Einsteins.
The show opened with a man sharing with the audience the huge risks he endured everyday as a professional in one of the most dangerous jobs in the world... the Dentist. We cut to inside the Dentist's office (dentist was one of the suggestions) and we saw the sexual tension between the Doctor and his assistant, but they needed to keep things professional. She brought in his first patient of the day, who hated going to the dentist and wanted all his teeth removed as to never have to return.

We also see two people walking up to a phone booth at the exact same time, a battle ensues over who should use it first. “Phone Booth” was the other suggestion. A phone booth really, what is that? Well back in the olden days, before everyone had phones in their pockets, we used to have little rooms on the street that had phones in them. The fight ends with one of them losing consciousness after getting hit on the head with the torn off phone receiver.

The Dental assistant quits her job so she can be with the dentist. The dentist removes the man's teeth and gums in one of the most dangerous procedures in the world of oral surgery.

The man dies of his head wound and the other man then goes through the guilt of actually being a murderer... mostly he gets in trouble from his wife. He eventually calls the police, but it turns out the coffee shop he left the body in has been murdering and disposing of bodies for years and the cops are willing to just look the other way in return for some good evidence to lock them up... happy ending are easy if you want them to be.

Also taught some workshops in Amsterdam, some DAM good ones, some AmsterDAM good ones.

Oh Amsterdam, with your bar that is on several bikes that “Stag Parties” can rent and bike around town while drinking beer. Oh Amsterdam, with your “Hen Parties” at every corner. Oh Amsterdam, with your 24 hour party mentality that really closes at around 11pm. Oh Amsterdam, with your confusing lay-out that means you are never really lost but you can never get to where you want to go. Oh Amsterdam, with your grumpy tram workers and your new chip card transit system. Oh Amsterdam, with your bikes and bike lanes and bike traffic signals and your bike bells and your bike locks and your bike bike bikes. Oh Amsterdam, with your canals, or is there just one big canal? Oh Amsterdam, with your umbrella market places. Oh Amsterdam, with your virus of tourists threatening to destroy what Amsterdam is and was in the first place.

Next Stop: Hamburg, potentially the Amsterdam of Deutschland.