CRUMBS in Milano

Oh Italy, I love you.
The food, the words, the atmosphere, the food, did I mention the food?

We ate the very best Panzarotti ever. For those that don't know, it is the like a Pizza Pop made out of real ingredients instead of plastic, cardboard and styrofoam. Amazing. We also had great pizza of course and great pasta of course and great wine of course... It is a magical land and I hope to return for longer and eat more of their food items.

The show part 1 mixed with the group Teatrib├╣

-The Fiat love story where the Italian car company is bought by a mystery woman and falls in love with the old owner.

-The mad scientist on the hill doing experiments that strike fear into the village. A young scientist travels there for a job and the bizarre experiments are revealed. Dr Frankenstein has nothing on this.

-A classic road trip. Two buddies are trying to search for adventure that will help one of them forget about the girl who dumped him. Oh the cast of crazy characters that follow them along the way...

-Again, there is a lost story out there... that is why I write this damn blog anyways, so that I can remember things that we do. It was probably great too.

The show part 2 CRUMBS classic:

A woman waits in her kitchen for the plumber to show up while her husband is away on business. The plumber is of course the sexiest. He doesn't want to just “fix her pipes” he wants to show her how she can “fix her pipes”.

We also see a man in the middle of the desert. He must do battle with vultures circling overhead, a talking cactus and a coconut tree... oh yeah and the hot sun (reported to be making the desert at least 107 degrees Celsius.

The plumber and wife storyline was either a symbol of the serpent of temptation, an angel, a lesson on female masturbation or just a sexy scene with plenty of suggestive imagery... again, you had to be there.

Speaking of plumbers, I guess we should mention that people are really into the bidet thing here in Italy. We got detailed descriptions from people, but I will spare you the details, mostly becuase you have imaginations and probably a working knowledge of bidets.

For some reason I also really loved the language. Perhaps it was because of my french knowledge and that Italian is also a Romantic language, but I was able to pick up some pieces of the conversations and somewhat follow what was going on. It was really nice. I think I might have to learn Italian... after I learn German... and brush up on my French... and learn Swedish... Where is the language Genie?