CRUMBS first show in France! It is the French world premiere! We are in Lyon, France and we are trying to channel the energy of Jerry Lewis to make sure they like us.

And even though we channeled the energy of Jerry Lewis there was still only 11 people in the audience, this is a new record for a CRUMBS show on our Euro Touro! We haven't had an audience that small since our “just starting out” days, when we were “paying our dues”. I guess we still have some left over dues to pay in France.

4 stories

-A man and a woman meet on beach with their dogs. He is recently widowed and she has recently been surgically separated from her siamese twin... a classic love story no?

-World War 2, France, invading Germans, two French soldiers trick a German soldier into deserting.

-A princess, a warrior and an evil king. A fairy tale

-I cannot for the life of me remember the last story... I bet you it was the best one.

While there were not a lot of people at our mixed show with En Compagnie we did go to their show the night before and it was packed. And we did hang out with them and jam a bit before the show. They were really fun and really funny people. It was really like we traveled to Lyon to hang out with them and not really to do a show. It was also really nice to be somewhere that I actually understood most of what was being said around me (Thank you Mom & Dad for forcing me to learn French when I was in school). I felt like it wouldn't take me long to scrub all the rust off the french I do have.