Tales from Atlanta

CRUMBS have been trying to get down to Atlanta for years and years. The company down there who kicks-ass at improv is Dad's Garage and we first ran into them at Edmonton's Improvaganza Improv Festival. Well, Dad's Garage runs their own Improv Festival and Theatresports tournament called The World Domination and this year we finally got our asses down there... We were not disappointed.

The tournament is a theatresports styled competition and anyone who knows what that means knows what is at stake, anyone who doesn't know what that means... It is a pretty big deal. So CRUMBS went down into the hot/sticky/muggy world that is the southern USA and did what we do best (we also did some improv). The last night of the Tournament was the finals and it was between a group from New York City (4Track) and CRUMBS (from little old Winnipeg). When the dust settled and the audience had finished losing their heads from hilarity and the judges had finally tabulated their scores... CRUMBS found themselves in 2nd place and 4Track walked away with the crown. Congratulations to 4Track for their first ever International title (This was CRUMBS first finalist showing since 2008 in Vancouver's International Tournament).

4Track are so funny and down to earth. Look here is a video to prove the funny.

Not only did we get to perform and hang-out with our awesome friends 4Track, we also were playing with:

Skin & Lungs
Who are Jayden from the General Fools in Regina and Ryan from Sunday Service.

Pete & Pat
Who are Peter Oldring from LA and Pat Kelly from Vancouver. They are CBC's This and That.

Rapid Fire Theatre
Who were Joe, Arlen and Jules aka The Young Guns.

We of course also played with the amazing folks down at Dad's Garage, some of the players we hadn't seen in years. It was great to be there and see their home.

Other highlights? Well, let me see here:

-My very first Mint Julep, which is a tasty concoction of bourbon, sugar, mint and ice.

-Sweet Tea Vodka, which is just soooooo tasty (and dangerous).

-Whirlyball, which is a game played with bumper cars...

-Veggie Corn Dogs, which I have not had in a decade (corn dogs I mean).

-Being a cocky bastard playing some cup flippy game.

Lowlights? Well, I have to say the damned HEAT and HUMIDITY! I don't understand how people do it!

Oh Atlanta, I miss you and look forward to being in your warm embrace (and when I say warm, I mean HOT).