CRUMBS radio show Sept 20 2010

Another CRUMBS radio show, another hour of ramblings. But truthfully, there is nothing quite like having an hour of the airwaves to get whatever words have been stuck in your throat dislodged. It is a beautiful feeling, and a blessed honour. I just hope the ears out there enjoy it as much as my lips do. Well, if your ears missed it, here is a little something for the eyes.

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We talked about Terry Fox the Canadian hero.

Terry Fox was born in Transcona... I'd run too. It turns out that if Winnipeg wants to claim Terry Fox as their own, they also must admit to claiming Transcona. Transcona for those that don't know is the area of town that is the butt of all jokes. Like the Newfoundland of Canada, which just happens to be where my paternal grandparents were from.

We talked about the guy who swam the English Channel. Not the first guy to do it.

The guy who did it without any arms or legs. How can a guy with no legs and no arms swim across the English Channel? Was his name Bob? No, he was a Frenchman who was in an electric accident while fiddling with a TV aerial.

We had Susan Nesbit call in and gave shout outs to the disabled. Susan then told us she has no such dreams of inspiring people, yet I am sure she has inspired a few already. She is so modest. She then pretty much told all our listeners that she was going to strip on stage in a turtle pool filled with pickles. She then recommend pickled carrots for my collection.

We also talked extensively about pickles and all things pickled. Have I ever mentioned that I have a world class pickle collection?

We talked about our week and the highlights.
Mine was a fancy dinner at Bistro 7 1/4.

Lee's was seeing Hayes Carll play his music.

We also had Mike Green call in and weigh in on the bisexual softball issue. It turns out there just might be varying degrees of "gay" that still needs to be worked out. Is there such a thing as not gay enough?

Mike Green runs the open mic comedy night at the Standard that runs every Thursday at the Standard Tavern on Sherbrook. He is also son of the Math icon "Math with Marty". Seriously, you should scroll to the bottom of Mart Green's website and check out his thoughts on physics and Winnipeg transit.

So, you should also check out the Free Laughs Comedy Show on Tuesday (every single Tuesday). This Tuesday is the launch of our 5th season and CRUMBS will be performing improv scenes with members of the comedy community and the audience. Won't that be fun... The answer is yes.