CRUMBS in Calgary!

CRUMBS is performing in the Calgary Improv Festival and it just happens to be the very first time that CRUMBS has ever performed in Calgary.

We happen to be staying in the funkiest and swankiest hotel ever (the Hotel Arts) and performing shows in a really nice theatre (the Engineered Air Theatre, which does happen to be the "strangestly" named theatre we have ever performed in).

Calgary is the land of:


The Stampede

Loose Moose

The Improv Guild

The Saddledome

Tubby Dogs

The Dutch Pancake House

Right Wing Religious Nuts of Canada.

But besides being the capital of all things Right wing, we are having a blast here in Calgary. The audiences are smart and the hosts here are so very "hosty".


For those that missed the CRUMBS radio show last Monday, you can download podcast and enjoy it on some kind of machine that plays podcasts. The show explored the "hot topics" of Seeing shapes and colours when hearing music, The UN appointed contact person for when the aliens come, and the idea of an arch nemesis.

Download CRUMBS podcast here.


Next stop for CRUMBS? New Zealand... look out Southern Hemisphere, we are gonna make you flush the opposite direction that you're used to.