CRUMBS in Berlin

CRUMBS is again in Berlin at the International Festival. The first time CRUMBS ever went to Europe was to this festival way back in 2001. So this trip and tour marks the 10th year anniversary of CRUMBS over in Europe. We are searching for our cake.

The Berlin International Impro Festival 2011 is the largest improvisation festival in Europe and hosts international improv groups showcasing their own unique shows as well as several festival ensembles that workshop together and collaborate on new forms. This year the theme of the festival was "In the Style of...". Groups brought with them a showcase show in the style of a playwright from their country as well as meeting during the festival to work deeper on a few select styles.

The styles that were worked on and presented during the festival?

Tennessee Williams (presented by Unexpected Productions, Seattle, USA)

August Strindberg (presented by Stockholms Improvisationsteater, Sweden)

Georg Buechner (presented by Die Gorillas, Berlin, Germany)

George F. Walker (presented by CRUMBS, Canada)

Eugene Ionesco (presented by Compagnie Combats Absurdes, France)

William Shakespeare (presented by the Festival Ensemble)

It was so nice to crawl deep into some actual theatre and have that journey disrupt and affect our improvisation. As Randy Dixon has said we want the shows to taste like who we are being inspired by. It was also nice to work on George F. Walker as an inspiration for our CRUMBS show. This gave s just a little more freedom to allow breathing room in our shows.

The festival in Berlin is amazing, truly. It is when I truly stretch as in improviser and I also tend to use the word truly a lot too. We get the chance to work with players from France, Latvia, Czech, USA, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Slovenia and Austria. In some cases old friends we have worked with before, in other cases brand new humans with brand new ideas and brand new styles. We are truly lucky to be involved with this group of performers on the international stage. Truly.

This is Dj Gorilla!

So then CRUMBS continues after the festival here in Berlin on to our Euro Touro 2011. Next stop Hamburg!