The Hammer

The Hammer = Hamburg

CRUMBS are again in Hamburg, again in St Pauli and again at the Crazy Horst. We do our show tonight at the Motte and then return to Berlin.

St Pauli is the area of Hamburg we live the most and the home of Germany's best Football club. Not the nest because they play the best on the field, but the best because of their fans. It turns out that a lot of right wing fascists are fans of the other teams (not just fascist as an insult, but actual god fearing fascists) while the St Pauli fans are the only real team that the Left can call their own. We heard a story where a whole bunch of hooligans from across Germany showed up before a football match and decided to "cause a ruckus" in St Pauli. What ended up happening in the ensuing violence was all the apartment windows opening up and the residence making it rain bottles on the invading trouble makers. The cops eventually showed up and tear gas was used, but not before humans got hurt. Hurt over sports rivalry.

I am so glad that hockey is not treated the same ferociousness in Canada. Image if all the Harper fans loved the Maple Leafs and the Liberals loved the Habs? This is just plain crazy. You should be able to be a fan of whatever team you want, no matter what your politics. I call for a separation of Sport and State!

Speaking of crazy, The Crazy Horst is a bar in St Pauli run by a legend named Horst. I have written about the bar on this website before, so I won't go on and on about it. But it is nice (and more than a little strange) to have a regular bar in a city so far away from home.