CRUMBS in Hamburg

The suggestions were = sword & advertising illustrator

We start with Dennis Franklin carries on his father's rat trap business but business is slow and needs some new advertising.

Then we go to the museum of "Really Old Stuff", it holds as its central exhibit, a half sword. The other half is lodged in the heart of a warrior killed in battle hundreds of years ago. He rises from his unmarked grave and seeks the other half of the sword.

The rat trap execs go to advertising firm “Joe's Advertising” (after jokes about computers and porn). The advertising firm riffs on slogans. (A sample slogan for diet coffee “on a diet? Try it”)

We meet the two old security guards of the museum, they have worked together for years but have never really hung out and decide to take lunch together. It turns out that they both go to the same place “Frank's Italian Restaurant” and also always order the same thing “spaghetti and red wine”. The alarm goes off at the museum while they are becoming best friends.

We meet Sally/Margharita and Donny, who are cool kids at school who also love the latest trendy rat traps from Japan. They make a date to go down to the ravine together to trap rats, which is where teenagers go to make out.

Joe, with the help of the old janitor Charlie, comes up with a campaign that involves a cartoon rat that is so cute and wants to be caught by a Franklin rat trap.

The kids meet the warrior at the ravine and Margharita falls for the warrior and helps him find the owner of the sword, which has Franklin engraved on the hilt. (Jokes about how to pronounce sword)

The two old guards (Hank with a wife and kids + Georgee and his ugly dog) realize that one of them has to take the fall, Georgee makes the sacrifice. But upon getting home to his dog realizes his dog can track the swords whereabouts.

The warrior confronts Franklin and an epic battle ensues between sword and rat trap. In the final clash, sword and trap are fused in a burst...

This then transforms into part of the pitch for the ad campaign selling the rat traps. A movie... the best kind of commercial in the world.

Here is some fan art of the final print ad that Franklin's Rat Traps made. (hooray for fan art)