CRUMBS in Karlsruhe

The suggestions were: computer scientist + brain

In a computer class where a nerd (Frank) on a computer is forced to work with a computer illiterate person (Larry). Larry keeps insisting on calling them brothers.

We meet a husband and wife, they have a nice life, though it is disrupted by his headaches (that he describes as having his brain put in a blender). He is also afraid of doctors, but wife insists on him going and books an appointment.

Frank and Larry are then forced to work together on their programming assignment and Larry decides to teach Frank how not to be a nerd and talk to women. Larry falls for the most beautiful girl in school (roxanne) and actually makes a good impression.

We meet Dr Clarence and his nurse Maria. He is a doctor for children who are afraid of doctors, though he used to be a surgeon but lost a patient once by transplanting a heart that was too big. He hasn't been in an operating room since.

Everyday Dr Clarence tells Maria of his bizarre dreams, this time it is about a monster, who opens his mouth revealing another monster who's mouth he jumps in and finds himself in a rainbow filled dance party in the belly of the monster. Maria tells him it is a sign that he must find his “monster mouth” moment.

Of course we find out the husband's headaches are caused by something serious, his brain is shrinking and only has 15% of his brain left. If something isn't done he will become a stupid idiot and then eventually die without a single memory. His love of his wife makes him insist on getting the experimental procedure done.

Frank has a date with Roxanne and is the first person to really be honest with her (she is getting A's in her classes but is not really that smart). He convinces her to drop her classes she doesn't care about and to follow her heart. She decides to study “Frogology”, Frank tells her that doesn't exist but that she is headed in the right direction.

Larry realizes he must confront is “asshole” father who always was so against technology. He feels like he must do this to have some closure with that part of his life. Oh yeah, and he also turns out to be a computer programming genius who invents a whole new computer language. Frank finally calls Larry his brother.

Husband is saved in a miracle operation that involves having his brain scraped out of his head and put into a blender then reattached to his head. He is a little embarrassed, but his wife still loves him. Cue sexy silly love scene.

After the show was over we were treated to an amazing pancake feast. When I say amazing I mean we had our choice of 5 different pancake mixes, cooked up live. We then had our choice of toppings to add to the already amazing pancakes... This is how to end a show. Plus check out the show illustration in the guest book.