CRUMBS makes a short film

CRUMBS makes a short film in a couple of hours and then waits years to finally share it with people?

This was shot in 2006 on a 16mm Bolex on one roll of film in one shot as part of the WNDX One Shot Festival. It was shot using "in camera" editing and "in the moment" acting. The music was mixed by Dj Hunnicutt. The camera was operated by Darren Wall. The film was directed by Stephen Sim and stars Stephen Sim and Lee White.

Next post will be an update about the CRUMBS shows we have done. Someone came up to me after the CRUMBS show in Hamburg and told me that he appreciates the updates where the shows are summarized. He said it reminded him of when he used to keep a dream journal. So for those that have seen the shows or cannot see the shows, I will try my darndest to update with pictures and details from each show.

Thank you for reading this.